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A weekly podcast to help you organize and declutter your life—your physical space, digital life and your mental health—with professional organizer Shelina Jokhiya.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #124: Netflix’s Get Organized with The Home Edit

    Netflix has released a new series on decluttering and organising called Get Organised with the Home Edit. It seemed only right to watch a few episodes and give a review of the show for you guys to listen to. The ladies from The Home Edit work very similarly to ...


  2. #123: Organising with the fellas (aka men)

    On our last episode, we talked to Tilo Flache about men and how they behave differently when decluttering and organising. In this new episode, Chirag and I discuss the main points raised by Tilo and also scenarios I have encountered working with men over the years. To listen to this ...


  3. #122: How Men Declutter with Tilo Flache

    Today we will be discussing on the Decluttr Me podcast something that is close to my heart. Men … and their clutter. I find a large majority of men that I interact within this region are averse to decluttering and organizing or they believe that’s what they maid or wife ...


  4. #121: Understanding Clutter & Anxiety

    We have had some amazing guests join us over the summer months on the Decluttr Me podcast and we wanted to discuss the episodes and some of our takeaways from the episode. During these episodes our guests talked about anxiety and clutter so we want to recap what they ...


  5. #120: Depression & Anxiety Disorders including OCD with Anita Fortes

    Continuing on with our amazing chats with professional organisers in the UK, today we have Anita Fortes of [A Neater Life](http:// Anita is a member of APDO UK like myself and started her business in 2018, but has been helping people to be organized for over 15 years. Anita ...