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A weekly podcast to help you organize and declutter your life—your physical space, digital life and your mental health—with professional organizer Shelina Jokhiya.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #114: Helping clients diagnosed with ADHD, with Sarah Bickers

    Our guest on the latest episode of the Decluttr Me podcast, is my awesome friend and fellow professional organiser, Sarah Bickers, to talk about her work helping clients diagnosed with ADHD to get organised. In the episode, Sarah discusses her life before becoming an organiser, how having ADHD helped her to ...


  2. #113: Time Management Apps

    Further to my conversation last week [with Kate Gallabally](, Chirag and I discuss the time management apps we use to ensure we are productive on a daily basis. We would love it if you could leave a comment if you love the podcast and found it helpful! Thanks for listening! Shelina ...


  3. #112: Time Management & Productivity, with Kate Galbally

    This week, Shelina is joined by the wonderful Kate Galbally from [Better Organized]( to talk about Time Management and Productivity. To listen to this new podcast produced by Amaeya Media ( click play or find Decluttr Me in your favourite podcast players. Thanks for listening! Shelina Professional Organiser and Podcaster ------------------ Learn more ...


  4. #111: Downsizing (Part II): Items to Keep Whilst Downsizing

    Last week I shared my tips on how to start downsizing your current space and prepare for your move whether here or internationally. You can hear Part 1 [here]( This week, I wanted to focus on what items you should keep whilst decluttering your home in the midst of downsizing. ...


  5. #110: Downsizing (Part 1)

    As we start to face some of the realities arising out of the pandemic, we're seeing more people to look to move on--either leaving the country or just moving to smaller spaces. This week, Shelina shares her tips on what to work on as you prepare to downsize your space. Next ...