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A weekly podcast to help you organize and declutter your life—your physical space, digital life and your mental health—with professional organizer Shelina Jokhiya.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Junk Clutter (#149)

    I've come across this a few times with clients, and thought it would be a good idea to go over what clutter is really junk, even if it seems usable sometimes. Junk clutter is very real, and we've referred to it when we spoke about the [7 types of clutter](, ...


  2. Phone Home Screens (#148)

    This week Chirag did something miraculous! He helped me to remove almost all the apps from my home screen on my phone! Yep I have about 5 apps now on my screen and that is it. I did this decluttering app binge after talking to him during this episode. ...


  3. Receipts (#147)

    It doesn't matter how much cities talk about being smart, the retailers, especially in this region haven't received the memo and are still handing us receipts. Often they are very long and two (one for the card and the other for all the things we bought of course!). What ...


  4. Sustainability (#146)

    I have been buying more and more products that are sustainable and better for the environment recently. Due to this increase in sustainability in my life, I wanted to highlight a few of these products and talk about sustainability generally. We do talk about period panties and cups so if you ...


  5. Store Rooms (#145)

    Store rooms come in many sizes here in the UAE. From small rooms in apartments, to large rooms in villas and warehouses at the back of the garden (true story), I have seen them all and worked on decluttering and organising the store rooms for client’s. In this week’s episode, ...