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A weekly podcast to help you organize and declutter your life—your physical space, digital life and your mental health—with professional organizer Shelina Jokhiya.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. My Face (#154)

    No I have not decluttered my face, but I have finally removed the hyperpigmentation from my face which had been bothering me for a year or so. I had tried various creams and potions and nothing worked, until recently when I went to see a dermatologist. I thought I would ...


  2. The Jeans in Your Life (#153)

    Have you got various piles of jeans in your wardrobe that fall into three (or more) piles? If yes, then this episode is for you today! In this new episode we talk about the three piles and also how to declutter these piles so that you use that valuable real ...


  3. Sorting by Season, with Ally Deatherage (#152)

    This week my guest Ally Deatherage. Ally is the author of Sort by Season which reached number 1 on the Amazon Bestseller List. Ally Deatherage's personal journey of decluttering her own home inspired the Sort by Season Method. Through her book and her YouTube channel, she encourages others to feel ...


  4. Ramadan Collection (#151)

    With Ramadan in a few short weeks we are seeing a lot of shops, online and offline, promoting their “Ramadan Collection”. Ramadan has become the new Christmas and there are a huge amount things which are supposedly related to Ramadan to buy. I wanted to talk about this every ...


  5. Desi Fridges (#150)

    We have had a special request to talk about the Desi Fridge and how to organise it. You may wonder what is a Desi Fridge and how that differs from a normal fridge. If you want to find out, listen to our special 150th episode by pressing play. We refer ...