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A weekly podcast to help you organize and declutter your life—your physical space, digital life and your mental health—with professional organizer Shelina Jokhiya.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #54: Prepping your kitchen for Ramadan

    Ramadan Kareem to you all! Although there are many hours of fasting, there is a huge focus on cooking and eating with family and friends. The kitchen sees more activity during these four weeks than any other time of the year. To prepare for this time in the kitchen, I ...


  2. #53: Walk-in wardrobes

    One of my favourite areas to organise are newly built walk-in closets. I love it so much that my Instagram is mostly filled with walk-in closets which have been organised. As fabulous as walk-in closets are, they are often created by designers and the client with some flaws. There are ...


  3. #52: Important documents

    In this week's episode, we discuss a topic that can be very dry for some but is vital you deal with - important documents. When referring to important documents, I am talking about school certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, share certificates, title deeds for properties, Will and guardianship documents, ...


  4. #51: Getting your spouse on board with decluttering

    In this week's episode, I wanted to discuss a hot, fiery topic: how to get your spouse on board with decluttering. Often a client will tell me that their spouse is the reason for the clutter. They walk in the door every day and throw items around randomly; or they ...


  5. The 50th Decluttr Me Episode!

    We almost can’t believe it, but this is our 50th episode! With nearly a year of the show behind us, Shelina reflects on her podcasting journey so far and the responses we’ve been getting both online & offline. A big thank you to all our listeners, for tuning in week after ...